• group and individual judgment and decision-making
  • accountability effects and system design
  • innovation
  • cognitive debiasing
  • structured analytic techniques
  • psychology of argumentation
  • intelligence reform
  • political and economic forecasting

Summary of Ongoing Research

Intelligence Analysis 

Structured Analytic Techniques Efficacy (with Elissa Berdini, David Mandel and Philip Tetlock)

Reasoning and Argumentation

Psychology of Argumentation (with Philip Tetlock)

Accountability Systems

Accountability Meta-Analysis (with Ferdinand Vieider and Philip Tetlock)

Political Forecasting

Political forecasting accuracy and accountability systems as a member of the Good Judgment Project

Decision-Making in Dynamic Environments

Impact of Body-Worn Camera Technology on Police Officer Decision-Making (with Shefali Patil)

Humanitarian Aid Worker Decision-Making (with Shefali Patil and Josiah Kaplan)

Emergency Medicine Decision-Making (with Shefali Patil and Michael Lauria)

Research Sponsors

Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management

Wharton Global Initiatives Program

Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship at McCombs Business School, University of Texas at Austin

Previous research sponsored by:

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity